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Media ads published in Weekly

Statement of Northern California Rabbis published Feb 7 2014

Our Moral Imperative to Respond to Sexual Abuse by Kathy Baxter and Rabbi Pamela Frydman, published April 4 2014

We are Listening and Healing by Karen Ehrlichman, LCSW and Rabbi Eric Weiss © published April 26 2015

We are Acting by Hank Berman, MFT, to be published June 12 2015

Silence: a Blessing or a Danger? by Rabbi Menachem Creditor and Naomi Tucker, published October 23, 2015

Media articles published in J Weekly

Former Bay Area Jewish leader accused of molesting boys in ’60s and ’70s by Sue Fiskoff, Editor-in-Chief, October 24, 2013.

A Rabbi’s View: Turning to Our Tradition for Guidance by Rabbi Nathaniel Ezray, published October 24, 2013

Every story is real, a pledge to bring sexual abuse to light by Rabbi Nathaniel Ezray, published February 6, 2014

Emphatically standing up to sexual abuse, by Tom Mitchell, published February 21, 2014

Breaking the Silence by Naomi Tucker, publish February 21, 2014

Human trafficking in our own backyard, it’s inhuman, by Minouche Kandel and Kristin Snell, published April 3, 2014

Beyond silence: Confronting child sexual abuse in Jewish community cover story by Drew Himmelstein, J. Staff, December 10, 2015.

Bay Area Resources

A Step Forward, Inc., Child Abuse Treatment and Training provides expert psychologists who work sensitively with victims and their families, and perpetrators and their families. Click here for an article by A Step Forward Co-Directors Caprice Haverty, Ph.D. and Anna Weisberg, Ph.D.

Rabbi Dan Goldblatt of Beth Chaim Congregation writes, “As a congregational leader, I have turned to Dr. Caprice Haverty and A Step Forward, Inc. in times that required utmost care, professional skill and family systems expertise.  This organization provided exactly what was necessary for families in great distress.  I consider “A Step Forward” an absolutely essential part of the referral sources for my community.”

California Resources

California Department of Social Services – Child Protective Services resources for families who children have been abused and resources for community members who wish to report abuse.

National Resources

10 Conversations to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse, a resource of the Enough Abuse Campaign.

Adult Survivors of Child Abuse, a Morris Center program for healing from child abuse. (Recommended by Hank Berman, MFT)

JSafe, The Jewish Institute Supporting an Abuse Free Environment.

National Child Trauma Stress Network provides resources regarding child trauma. (Recommended by Hank Berman, MFT)

National Parent Help Line offer support to parents. Check out the website or call 1-855-PARENT

National Respite Network and Research Center provides planned or emergency care provided to a child or adult with special needs in order to provide temporary relief to family caregivers who are caring for that child or adult. (Recommended by Hank Berman, MFT)

Stop It Now! Help and guidance for parents and those who work with youth and adults. Includes an online help center available at (Recommended by Hank Berman, MFT)

Survivors of Incest Anonymous for adult survivors of child sexual abuse. SIA defines incest broadly. (Recommended by Hank Berman, MFT)

Local and national teen dating resources

Shalom Bayit, Ending Domestic Violence in Jewish Homes runs a program for teens called Love Shouldn’t Hurt.

Click here to learn about the Love Shouldn’t Hurt Program and to arrange to bring the program to your congregation, school or institution.

Click here for national resources and other Bay Area resources for parents and educators.

Click here for resources for teens.