Protect our Youth

Beyond Silence is a campaign to raise consciousness about the importance of protecting our youth from child abuse. Below is a series of links and below the links is information about our campaign.

Child abuse reporting

Contacts for support

Recommended readings for adults and children PLEASE NOTE: When you click on this link, you will leave our site and enter the Recommended Books page on the site of Jewish Learning Works.

Resources for everyone

Resources for professionals

If you teach or serve as clergy, you may be a mandated reporter of abuse.

The Beyond Silence Campaign

The Board of Rabbis of Northern California, Jewish Learning Works and the Educators Council, Shalom Bayit, the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center and Bay Area Temple Administrators, representing an array of rabbis, educators and other Jewish professionals, have joined together in a campaign known as Beyond Silence Campaign to create, implement and foster a community wide response to abuse in general, and child sexual abuse in particular, by raising awareness, creating new institutional protocols and honing existing protocols to better understand, address and respond to these issues. Our campaign’s two initial efforts included (1) a series of educational messages written by clergy and experts in the field and published in J, the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California. Click here to view these communications which address the nature of child sexual abuse, reporting and healing, as well as psychological and ethical perspectives; and (2) the convening of a 2015 professional development day for clergy, educators and other Jewish professionals and lay leaders to deepen their understanding and develop and hone their skills about preventing and responding to child sexual abuse. The development day was help on November 18, 2015. Click here to view the development day schedule.

The Impetus for Creating the Campaign

Our current effort arose in response to a specific situation. In October 2013, the son of a well-known Jewish summer camp and youth leader publicly disclosed that he and others had years ago been the victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by his (now deceased) father. The disclosure sparked a painful public debate about sexual abuse in the Jewish community, which was particularly difficult for many Bay Area Jewish adults who had been part of that summer camp and youth program during their childhoods. Questions of accountability, organizational policies and protocols, and Jewish institutions’ role in preventing and responding to abuse were brought to the forefront by these revelations. Click here for links to some of the media coverage of this issue.

Note regarding Ads, Op Eds, Articles and Resources

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