Mission Statement

The Board of Rabbis serves the needs of colleagues, acts as a religious resource in communal and individual affairs, and builds connections and commitment to the Jewish community.

  1. Serves the Needs of Colleagues:
  • Promotes rabbinic collegiality among all of the religious streams of Judaism in Northern California.
  • Provides local opportunities to continue learning Torah together and growing professionally.
  • Provides support for rabbis regarding personal and institutional issues
  1. Acts as a Religious Resource in Communal and Individual Affairs
  • Provides a religious voice for the community in matters of moral concern and raises the level of conversation on difficult issues.
  • Provides counseling and direction for inquiries regarding rabbis, synagogues, and religious needs.
  • Works with area agencies (Jewish and non-Jewish) to provide a Jewish and/or rabbinic presence
  • Endorses, assists, and advocates for Jewish chaplains serving in state prisons and institutions for the developmentally disabled.
  1. Builds Connections and Commitment to the Jewish community
  • Uses its broad reach to increase involvement of Jews in religious and communal life
  • Helps Jews see their current lives through a Jewish lens
  • Tikkun Olam in our community


Our Board of Rabbis is a beneficiary agency of the Jewish CommunityFederation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, and Marin and Sonoma Counties.